Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's Full: Something Special & Fools

When I lived in Colorado, I learned that one of the most respected professors at CU, Patricia Limerick, a MacArthur fellow who heads up the Center for the American West in Boulder, was also the "University Fool." In her official capacity as fool — a title she proudly holds — she dresses up as a clown each April 1 to act the jester around town and campus, "bringing some levity" to an otherwise serious institution.
Limerick's combination of irreverence and excellence impressed me. While you won't find me in clown makeup today, April Fools' Day, I thought I'd nonetheless join in the spirit of foolishness (or foolhardiness) and share a demo of one of my newer (and quirkier) songs  'Something Special.' About my childhood fascination with the legend of Bigfoot, I wasn't sure this song was going to leave the house after I wrote it. Nonetheless, since I've added 'Something Special' to the set list, it's been finding its legs (err, feet). Plus I've found out a lot of folks are still very interested in Bigfoot! I hope you enjoy it. 
 "SOMETHING SPECIAL (Bigfoot Song)" 
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