Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Read.Eat.Listen: Rainy days & Wednesdays

'Mad Scientist' is my term for someone who is passionate about something: their art or science or whatever. Something that keeps you turned on even if you haven't talked to anyone all day. Rainy days are made for mad scientists and I've been taking a cue from the mad scientist handbook, enjoying the weather, wood-shedding, holiday prep, recording prep (KCDC goes back to the studio this weekend), working on the house and otherwise wrapping up 2014 and looking ahead to the new year.
(I've also been getting up early and catching some lovely morning light: including this shot from downtown Alameda over the weekend)
READ: I was happy to discover there's a Mad Scientists Book list "Books involving predominant mad scientist characters." Some, I've read or know about (Jekyll & Hyde, Frankenstein, etc) but I may bookmark the Girl Genius series for days when I need some extra oomph
EAT: It's all about soup these days. And I'm having a week of loving Beets. This Vegan Creamy Winter Beet Soup from the Clean folks is pretty grand.
LISTEN: All sorts of good sounds have been released of late. While driving around last week, I heard an interview/performance by Pieta Brown and her dad Greg Brown that made me want to keep finding excuses to stay in the car. The music was great and the banter was, too. I couldn't figure out how to find the archived recording when I got home, but I did dig deeper into Pieta's latest release "Paradise Outlaw" which contains this apt-for-the-week tune, "All My Rain." 

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