Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Storm warnings and warmings

It's been an ominous time in these parts. All week the news and streets full of protest and analysis, action and activism, anarchy and fury and heartbreak. And now, as if saying, 'shape up! already' Mother Nature has gathered steam over California brewing an expected 'storm of the decade' that's momentarily taken our attention away from news.
Today the sky above the East Bay threatened with grey clouds and stillness while the streets were filled with purposeful industry.  The East Bay Municipal Department was out in force, working to clear out storm drain, tree services were working overtime all day to preemptively trim the largest of trees as hardware stores were busy selling record amount of batteries and flashlights. They have sand bags, too, I was told: "Bags upstairs, sand outside on the side," the cashier let me know when he rang me up.
But I'd just waited in a block-long line to pick up my allotted 5 bags for local residents provided by the Public Works Department. Hopefully, I won't need more."Stay dry," the cashier nodded.
Will it be as bad as predicted? Will it blow over? We'll see.  Regardless, I feel encouraged by humanity again, having experienced a diverse and energized community rallying resources to get through challenging weather, rising to the occasion to take care and watch out for one another. Yes.

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