Monday, July 30, 2012

Listening for the muse

where does it come from?
guitar inspection at Off the Grid
new works in progress....
Several children were extremely interested in my guitar during set-up for a gig the other day. I love how these little girls where drawn to the guitar, amazed at the sound that was produced, even before the show got going. They knew something was in there. Something might happen. Getting that 'something' is the trick of course. At the same time I've been playing a lot of shows this summer, I've been going through writing done in the near 3 years since I last recorded. It's always interesting to see what accrues over the months and now years (how did that happen?). What new themes arise, what recurs again and again. While not everything that was produced from strumming on my Martin (mostly, though the Desio is getting in on the writing action) is going on record, I'm excited to have a new project coming together.  In the meantime, most of my previous CDs are available at CD Baby. And this week, if you buy any of my MP3s at CD Baby  between 7/30 & 8/3 & I’ll get 100% of sales. Check it out: Deborah Crooks Music Store

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