Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: Relax

Like much of the world, I found myself troubled/fascinated/horrified by the events in Boston last week and read/listened to a little too much of the news. The antidote? Some grateful appreciation for my life and where I live, a timely set of exercises and some great tunes.
Read: This isn't a book-book, but a workbook/brochure, I found through bodyworker/teacher/writer Nikki Jordan. Having a long-standing interest in somatic practices, I was intrigued when she mentioned a TRE-Psoas "Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises" by David Berceli, Ph.D and signed up for a workshop. I found the short series of simple exercises very  effective at meeting its claim 'to release deep chronic tension.' Good stuff, especially in times like these.
Eat: Soba noodles. Gluten-free, tasty and exceedingly quick and simple to make, soba noodles are another item getting regular play in these parts. Here's a slew of cold-weather soba based recipes and a hot-weather variation from The Kitchn blog to encourage your soba creativity.
Listen: Well, I know I mentioned them in a fairly recent Read.Eat.Listen, but after seeing Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison play a great show at Freight and Salvage this weekend, this household can't seem to get enough of their songs. Here's another bit of inspired songwriting from their Cheater's Game Cd.

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