Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Artist Interview: Sarah Fisher's Sacred Video Network

I first met Sarah Fisher when I was looking for a local director and filmmaker for a  music video for "Let's Move". Sarah has a clear aesthetic and an appreciation for both independent artists and Eastern Wisdom traditions — we had fun working with her to boot! I recently caught up with Sarah about her latest project, The Sacred Video Network, a project dear to her heart.

Q How did you first get into film making? Who or what inspired and inspires you?
SF: I've been making films since I was 12. I have loved creating visual stories since I was a kid. I studied Mass Communications/Broadcast Journalism as an undergrad because I wanted to be an international television reporter. While I never ended up pursuing the TV reporter path, I did develop a strong interest in producing/directing documentary films. Documentaries are such an important visual medium. I love that you can be both creative and educational — that you can really move people by crafting a story in a way that a broadcast entity most likely wouldn't do on their own

Q Whose work you look to as a standard? Do you have any mentors?
SF: I have a lot of mentors! I try to surround myself with people who are talented in all areas of film. I admire filmmakers like David Lynch, Walter Salles, the Maysles brothers, and Darren Aronofsky. Specifically, right now I am focused on entrepreneurship. So, I spend more time studying business-related topics than film making techniques. You'd be more likely to find me at a Meetup group, intensive start up business conference, or marketing seminar than any film networking group.

Q Tell us about the Sacred Video Network? 
SF: The Sacred Video Network is a start up website that will greatly raise the visibility and help forward-thinking holistic businesses reach their target customers. The Sacred Video Network (SVN) will widely promote our clients businesses across the web through unique distribution methods. These are some of the video products we produce to help your business gain exposure: testimonial videos, promotional videos, mini-documentaries, instructional videos. The mission of the SVN is to really connect holisitic businesses with their nice audience in a powerful, engaging way as well as help educate consumers who want to learn more about ANY type of holistic practice. We'll be launching our website in a few months. To learn more, visit 
Q: Describe your dream project?
SF: I have so many dream projects! I've really been trying to reign in my focus lately and not take on too many big projects at once. The Sacred Video Network is my passion project right now and I'm determined to make it a sustainable business. I believe in the mission strongly because it can help so many people around the world improve their lives. After a few years of going strong with the SVN, I hope to build a music video network for independent musicians. Doing work in one medium for a very long time seems rather boring. Variety is the spice of life! I want to use the powerful medium of film/video to create a lasting impact of the lives of many people with lots of creativity.
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