Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cold day questions

Some Questions on my mind today:
  1. Why is it you often feel really GREAT just before you get sick?
  2. How does anyone manage to get everything precious and wonderful out of the Vitamix after mixing something up?
  3. What's with LinkedIn's new(ish) hyper-endorsement tool?
I know. Not so terribly deep, but I woke up with a sore throat and an urge to stay in bed all day after a kick-ass day of energy. I eat healthy, I stand on my head almost every day, what gives? Oh well. We're going to Portland tomorrow and being sick in a hotel for three days was and is not part of my plan. So my focus has narrowed considerably.  Tea. Water. Wellness formula. Juice. Blankets. Internet.  A super food  smoothie that's o-so-yummy (this one featured dates & almonds) though some of its precious drops remain in the bottom of the darn mixer. I'm keenly aware that I'm grateful to have this very minor conundrum.
In the meantime, a bit of sleuthing while I convalesce didn't turn up complete answers to my questions but did provide some interesting Answer-like fodder:
  1. Really? Your Body Clock Can Determine When You Get Sick 
  2. It's all about the spatula 
  3. Said to make it easier to endorse folks with one click, I seem to be getting endorsed for some things I don't really do. Go figure.
And, speaking of Portland. As I was searching out things to do and shows to see while I'm there, I grew enamored with the Portland Cello Project, who alas, won't be in town when I am, but have made a wonderful record of Beck's 'Song Reader,' (which I'm now blasting).

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